A recurring concern among desk chair users, video game lovers, and office workers is: What is more convenient? A desk chair or a gaming chair? This doubt is natural and reasonable, taking into account that, in current times, gaming chairs have experienced great popularity and a commercial boom that has led many to believe that one of these models is capable of offering exactly the same as a good desk chair like the Factor Office Chair. One of the reasons why gaming chairs have been so successful and growing in popularity is due to their futuristic and sophisticated designs, with bold colors and multiple cushions that make them look very comfortable and attractive.

Gaming chairs are a product focused on very young audiences, the type of costumers that’s likely to be most attracted to an aesthetic that they are most familiar with, in the first place. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many of these chairs are disappointing when buyers discover that they work much worse than they seemed and end up causing back pain and various discomforts. However, the Global Furniture Group Factor Chair is a piece designed by professionals, with different adjustable functions that make it a highly versatile instrument, capable of meeting the needs of every average gamer.

Give the Factor Office Chair a chance to accompany you on your games and make it the best ally for your gaming sessions!

Factor Chairs
Source: Global Furniture Group