Lack of privacy doesn’t have to be a problem in modern offices when the physical resources are wisely chosen to configure the office environment. You don’t necessarily have to select cubicles as your main form of space management, even when many offices currently use this technique, especially if the decorative style you want to express through shapes and colors is modern, current, and avant-garde. To generate workstations that support an acceptable level of privacy without taking up all the space, there are resources as modern as the Princeton Desks, which includes glass equipment screens, PET felt desktop panels, lateral files, rolling glass storage doors, among other elements.

The most current offices are committed to an open design, with free-access stations where each worker sits in their particular area with a certain degree of privacy, but at the same time, in constant connection with the rest of the team. Generating a significant margin of privacy has been shown to allow employees to feel more confident and secure, significantly impacting their overall well-being and developing a pleasant work environment. In the same way, evidence has shown that the feeling of being permanently watched and pressured, with a total absence of privacy, influences the increase in stress levels, deconcentration, and dissatisfaction of workers.

Let your employees conquer a more private and enjoyable workstation with Princeton desks!

Princeton Desks
Source: Metropilitain Office Interiors