Awarded with the NeoCon Award of 2013, AIS Oxygen has been growing steadily as one of the better options in office furniture. AIS Oxygen allows you to get the most of your space, while you keep the social distance, something essential for today’s needs.

Features for a great performance. There are a lot of high-quality features in AIS Natick, both for good team performance, and smart use of resources, such as: An structural spine beam that allows you to allocate all the electric and data wire without any disturbance. A rail system for the interaction with monitor arms, task lights, and other devices, to get the most of your space. A clever design of your desk surface, with boxes and flip tops to give you easy access to USB hubs, HDMI, data jacks, and electric outlets A multi-circuit powerway with access up to 4 duplex outlets per seat. Three sets of legs according to your aesthetical choices (straight, slim, or slant).

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